Outsource Success Incentive

No Startup Fees

Upgrade Your Contact Center – At No Cost*

Effortless CX Outsourcing, Impressive Savings

Welcome to Working Solutions, where we provide exceptional outsourcing services tailored to meet your business needs. Transform your contact center with our Outsource Success Incentive designed to deliver significant cost reductions while boosting operational efficiency.

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Upgrade Your Contact Center With No Startup Fees

  • Enjoy zero costs for agent recruitment, onboarding, training, train-the-trainer programs, and technology setups (with a minimum of 50 FTE).

  • Immediate Financial Relief: Start saving from day one with no financial risk or upfront investments.

Transparent Pricing Model

Our pricing model offers clear and straightforward cost information, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for. With no hidden fees or unexpected charges, you can make confident, informed decisions.

We build trust through honesty and clarity, providing detailed cost breakdowns that align with your business needs. Enjoy excellent value, financial predictability, and control, plus additional savings with our promotional incentives.

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Streamline Your Operations

Our FTE Staffing Approach

At Working Solutions, we ensure exceptional customer experiences through our on-demand support model that adapts to fluctuations in service volume. Traditional FTE models incur costs for non-working times, including breaks and slow periods, requiring more workers to handle spikes. Here's how our approach stands out:

Experience Effortless Outsourcing and Impressive Savings.

Boosting CX and Bottom Lines:

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*Offer good till end of month. Can achieve savings of $100k or more.

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