AI + IA™ 

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents™ 

AI + IA™ 

Combining the best of both worlds, we offer a blended solution, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents, — We leverage cutting-edge technology with smart, caring agents. Combined, they provide superior CX with every interaction.

By blending AI and IA, we are able to respond to customer inquiries with efficiency and empathy.


Simple Solutions

We offer fast-flex, on-demand customer service solutions to complex problems in short order so you can focus on core business goals.

Seamless Support

Our wide range of scalable CX solutions are tailored to your particular needs within your metrics, timeframe and budget.

Successful Service

Expert, empathetic agents transform your customer experiences by retaining loyal users and creating new ones.

On-Demand CX Saves the Day

Find out how our on-demand customer service helped a major airline navigate an unprecedented winter storm crisis.

Seismic Scalability and Cost Savings

As businesses grow and evolve, so do their customer service needs. Our AI + IA solution adjusts resources as demand fluctuates, saving up to 30% in operational costs.

Working Solutions provides a cost-effective way to make sure that customer demands are met quickly and with high-quality service. 

"The Working Solutions team continues to deliver month-over-month stellar results while continuing to provide extreme flexibility in support of our needs. They are laser-focused on driving the best possible results while recommending long-term solutions, ensuring they are solidly leading from the front."
Pete Vegors

Global Partner Manager | Intuit

"We had a 64% increase in Shop by Phone sales over last Cyber Monday! We could not have achieved these results without the partnership with Working Solutions."
Maria Tenreiro

Customer Care, Director | Boscov's

Elevate Customer Experiences with AI + IA

Blending artificial intelligence and intelligent agents enables you to expedite service
and increase customer loyalty.

Personalizing Service

Customers expect no less than the best. AI-enabled agents, with consumer data in hand, can personalize every interaction. Tech-savvy agents enable organizations to be both high-tech and high-touch.

With our expertise and experience, you can trust Working Solutions to deliver the AI + IA results you need.


Unlock the Benefits of Balancing AI and IA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and an Intelligent Agent?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer service encompasses various technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning to enhance customer interactions. An Intelligent Agent, on the other hand, refers to skilled, empathetic agents who understand and respond to customer queries by providing personalized assistance.

How can I use AI and IA to elevate customer experiences?

You can use AI and IA by incorporating natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand customer emotions and respond with empathy. This enables personalized interactions, active listening, tailored recommendations, and compassionate problem-solving, resulting in enhanced customer experiences that foster trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What are some of the benefits of balancing AI and Intelligent Agents for customer service?

Here are some of the benefits of balancing AI and IA in customer service: efficient and accurate responses, personalized interactions, improved customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, reduced wait times, enhanced problem-solving, better understanding of customer needs, and the ability to adapt to different emotional states, resulting in a positive customer experience. 

How do I get started with Working Solutions?

Looking to outsource your customer service to a trusted, on-demand provider? Getting started with Working Solutions is simple.

 After one of our experts assesses your business needs, we will develop a customer experience (CX) plan tailored to your corporate culture and customers. As a virtual workforce, remote agents will be recruited and educated in your customer service operations, delivering sales and service to client-specific metrics.

By partnering with Working Solutions, clients gain access to cost-effective, scalable solutions that elevate customer experiences, often resulting in double-digit performance improvements.

What are some of the best on-demand customer service providers?

There are several, on-demand quality customer service providers. Our expertise goes back 27 years. On client programs with multiple service providers, Working Solutions’ performance often becomes the benchmark against which others are measured. We strive to stand out as a top choice among competitors. With a proven track record of delivering excellent service, our scalable solutions cater to your unique business needs.

About Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in providing onshore, on-demand customer care. Its virtual workforce ensures efficient and empathetic customer experiences (CX), blending the best of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent agents (IA).

With 27 years of success across diverse industries, this woman-owned company delivers quality sales and service, retaining customers and generating new business for clients.

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