Intuit Case Study

Achieving Service Excellence through AI and Human Collaboration

The Issue

Intuit, the parent company for TurboTax had set out to reduce human-handled customer interactions by 40% for the 2022 tax season by improving its chatbot capabilities.

The company predicted that upgrades to these AI-enabled capabilities, intended to provide faster and more efficient support, would drive more traffic to this channel.

After implementing chatbot improvements, the global financial technology platform faced an unforeseen challenge. Customer behavior did not align with its predictions. Many customers were not comfortable with chat-based interactions.

In some cases, chat support fell short of meeting their needs. It became evident human intervention was crucial.

The Solution

Working Solutions adapted to the situation, scaling up to handle 38% of the additional call volume generated by the client's customers seeking human interaction.

Our agents’ ability to provide empathetic, personalized support bridged the gap between technology and customer satisfaction.


Coverage, Pricing, and Deductible Changes

With ever-evolving coverage options, we ensure your policyholders stay updated.  

Our team manages changes in coverage, pricing, and deductibles, guaranteeing your customers are always well-informed.

Premium Increase Management

When premium increases raise concerns, our knowledgeable agents step in. We assist callers with enrollee changes, address updates, coverage adjustments, and billing alterations.

Our agents excel at implementing upselling and cross-selling strategies to retain customers even in the face of premium hikes.

The Impact

This case study highlights a critical lesson: Even in a digital age, there are situations where customers overwhelmingly prefer talking with a live agent.

The client’s experience demonstrates the importance of balancing technology with human touch to meet customer expectations and ensure exceptional service.