Secret sauce for great customer service



Great CX is a Recipe for Success

Finding the right ingredients for an effective and profitable customer service operation is easier than
you may think.

Here's our secret sauce for outstanding customer service


ingredients for Excellent Customer service

Must-Have Ingredients:

1. Expertly train virtual agents

Educating agents in a remote-learning environment can be a challenge. More than 80% of agents can meet or exceed business expectations with the perfect blend of teaching strategies and a customized curriculum.

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2. Rapid response to volume spikes

A flexible, on-demand model can help you ramp up to 200+% and easily manage volume peaks and valleys. Prepare for the unexpected and keep your customers happy.

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3. Save on operational costs

An on-demand, onshore model can help you increase your call center usage to more than 75%, while resulting in savings on annual customer service costs.

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4. Differentiate your brand through empathy

One of the world's best business ingredients is empathy. Adding a dash of empathy in your customer interactions will go a long way in ensuring the long-term success of your brand. 

Tips to ensure empathetic service →


5. Deliver personalized care across channels

Customers expect to reach you whenever and wherever they want, be it on your website, your social media, or your customer service agents. Implementing an omnichannel strategy will enable you to engage your customers where they're at - when they need you.

Provide a seamless experience with omnichannel customer service →


The Secret Sauce is a Simple Recipe

We craft a customized approach to help businesses drive revenue, scale service to need, and offer empathetic customer care.

“Clients verify that Working Solutions' 'secret sauce' lies in its unique, proven recruitment, education and operations models, maintaining an excellent standard of agent skill and quality of service delivery.”
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