Pet Technology Case Study

A Pet Tech Provider’s Customer Service Transformation and its Positive Impact on CSAT and Retention


CSAT Score

Our client achieved an impressive 90% customer satisfaction score within 90 days.

↑ 50%

Increase in Satisfaction

In just three months, customer satisfaction scores rose from the 60s to the 90s.

↓ 50%

Call Abandonment Rate

Within 90 days, we reduced the call abandonment rate from almost 40% to under 15%.

About Our Client

Working Solutions’ client, a pet tech provider, has introduced a groundbreaking solution for pet owners, offering GPS-enabled wireless fencing for dogs. This innovative product allows pet owners to create virtual boundaries for their pets using a mobile app, ensuring their safety and security while allowing them freedom within designated areas.


The Issue

Despite our client product’s innovative features, the company grappled with various customer service issues. These included billing inquiries related to monthly subscriptions, website glitches during product purchases, concerns about product performance, and lost dogs. These challenges strained the customer assistance team, further hampered by workforce management issues, quality control, and inaccurate forecasting. The result was dissatisfied customers experiencing delays in receiving support.

The Solution

Recognizing the critical need for efficient customer support, a new approach was implemented to address the challenges faced by the pet tech provider. A specialized team of technical customer service agents was assembled, equipped with the skills to troubleshoot issues related to the collar, GPS, and mobile app.

These agents were not just technically proficient, but also possessed empathy and communication skills essential for effectively addressing customer concerns. This brought a sense of relief to the customers, knowing that their issues were being understood and cared for.

Collaborative efforts were established with our client's engineers to escalate and resolve complex technical issues promptly. Furthermore, a swift transition was made to optimize staffing levels, ensuring adequate support coverage to minimize customer wait times and enhance overall satisfaction.


Coverage, Pricing, and Deductible Changes

With ever-evolving coverage options, we ensure your policyholders stay updated.  

Our team manages changes in coverage, pricing, and deductibles, guaranteeing your customers are always well-informed.

Premium Increase Management

When premium increases raise concerns, our knowledgeable agents step in. We assist callers with enrollee changes, address updates, coverage adjustments, and billing alterations.

Our agents excel at implementing upselling and cross-selling strategies to retain customers even in the face of premium hikes.

The Impact

The transformation in customer service was not just comprehensive but also swift. It yielded significant improvements in satisfaction levels and operational efficiency.

By addressing technical issues comprehensively and providing empathetic support, customer satisfaction ratings soared from below 60% to a remarkable 90%. The reduction in abandonment rates and the resolution of customer inquiries promptly alleviated frustration and enhanced trust in the brand. Moreover, the streamlined staffing approach resulted in cost savings for both the company and the customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic workforce management.

The success of the customer service initiative underscored the dedication and expertise of the specialized agent team, who played a pivotal role in achieving these remarkable outcomes within a short timeframe.


Our client's customer service transformation has not only addressed the myriad challenges faced by pet owners but has also significantly enhanced customer service and retention. By leveraging our expertise in strategic workforce management and specialized technical support, customer satisfaction improved significantly, coupled with cost savings and streamlined operations. As pet owners continue to entrust their furry companions’ safety to our client, the partnership with Working Solutions ensures that they receive the support they need when they need it, fostering lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

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“I love [this] program. As a pet parent, I can talk with dog parents with empathy. I use my technical skills to help Halo customers give pets the best life we can provide them.”
Jamie J.

Working Solutions Agent

“I lost my dog briefly, so I understand how customers might feel when something unexpected happens. I want to fix those issues so customers don’t have to feel how I did during that moment. Solving big puzzles for clients and feeling more knowledgeable and accomplished is the most satisfying thing ever. It also comes with the benefit of knowing you’re helping someone.”
Bethany C.

Working Solutions Agent

“It’s not always easy to balance empathy and technical expertise. I work to excel at both in each interaction and aim for a one-call/email resolution. It’s rewarding to hear a shift in tone from frustrated to optimistic to relief and appreciation. I love hearing a sigh of relief and delighted customers at the end of a call.”

Working Solutions Agent

“What a fantastic journey this has been. Thanks to this product we can now focus on what matters.”
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist