Consumer Services Case Study

Prescription for Success: Working Solutions Accelerates and Elevates a Pet Pharmacy’s CX


Increase in service levels within five days.



Service level goals achieved in one day.

114% ↑

Increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.


The Issue

An industry-leading veterinary dispensary for pets and horses faced a surge in call volumes due to regulatory changes in prescriptions. The increase overwhelmed in-house, customer experience (CX) resources. This resulted in a significant drop in critical metrics, with service levels in the 30s. 

The Solution

The client turned to Working Solutions to address these challenges right away. The on-demand provider delivered a tailored program, recruited and educated 15 specialized agents in the client's business. Also, it operationalized support for customers within an accelerated timeframe of less than five days. Leveraging existing agents’ expertise and adapting to the client’s needs, Working Solutions implemented strategies to streamline call handling, improve service quality, and enhance customer experiences. 


Coverage, Pricing, and Deductible Changes

With ever-evolving coverage options, we ensure your policyholders stay updated.  

Our team manages changes in coverage, pricing, and deductibles, guaranteeing your customers are always well-informed.

Premium Increase Management

When premium increases raise concerns, our knowledgeable agents step in. We assist callers with enrollee changes, address updates, coverage adjustments, and billing alterations.

Our agents excel at implementing upselling and cross-selling strategies to retain customers even in the face of premium hikes.

Here’s a detailed overview of how Working Solutions transformed the customer service outputs for this pet-and-horse pharmacy:

Strategic Program Development:

Working Solutions initiated a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing customer service framework. By understanding the pharmacy's unique challenges and regulatory requirements, a customized program was developed, aligned with the client's goals and customer needs.

Rapid Recruitment and Training:

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Working Solutions fast-tracked 15 agents with expertise in veterinary pharmacy support. These agents were chosen for their industry knowledge, communication skills, and ability to deliver exceptional service.

Optimized Call Handling Processes:

Working Solutions implemented modernized call-handling processes to improve efficiency and reduce wait times for customers. By prioritizing calls based on urgency and complexity, agents were able to address issues promptly, leading to a significant decrease in average speed of answer (ASA).


The partnership between Working Solutions and its client is marked by a commitment to continuous improvement. Through regular performance evaluations, feedback sessions, and ongoing educational initiatives, Working Solutions ensures that the customer service outputs are consistently optimized and aligned with Wedgewood’s objectives.

“Our overall department’s service level is now at 77%! You all have made an enormous impact! This partnership is proving to be very successful.”
Head of Customer Care

The Impact

The results of Working Solutions’ innovation and improvements were profound. Within a week, the client was able to achieve a 150% increase in service levels while the CSAT score rose from 35 to 75.

Addressing client challenges with tailored solutions and exemplary service quality, Working Solutions upgraded operational efficiency and elevated customer service. This case highlights the power of strategic partnership and agile problem-solving in driving measurable business outcomes.

A proactive approach and specialized expertise resulted in a remarkable transformation of customer experiences  for the client. The work sets a new standard for service excellence in the veterinary pharmacy industry.


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