How to Create a Successful CX Continuity Plan

Have you considered how a crisis would impact customer behavior?

There is an actionable solution to meet customer expectations and protect their interests (and yours) in urgent situations. This is where the CX business continuity plan comes into play.

Our experts created an actionable plan to help keep your business up and running at all times by achieving genuine connections with your customers. 

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Template | Analyzing the Impact of Disasters

Use this template to analyze the impact on your business and plan responses for each incident and for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

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Worksheet | Assessing Risks Caused by Disasters

Use this sheet to list all identified hazards and potential issues so that your company can use controlling measures and schedule actions.

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Worksheet | Disaster Prep Communication Plan

Use this sheet to create communication plans for your different audiences, including deliverables, timelines, delivery methods, and owners.

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CX Continuity Template | Crisis Level Action Planning

Use this template to plan out critical actions during the first 48 hours, from the time of the incident to a full disaster.

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Calendar | Preparedness Planning Template

Use this calendar to mark seasonal natural events and the required activities to plan and respond.

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Worksheet | Disaster Prep Resource Requirements

Use this sheet to map out resource categories and the necessary quantities based on timeframes.

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