Automotive Technology Case Study

Driving Excellence Through Connectivity: A Successful Journey

From navigating crises to triumphs, Working Solutions ensures high-quality customer service every step of the way. 

↑ 13.8%

Service Levels

Increase overall service levels 13.8% compared to previous provider.
↓ 75%

Average Ticket Time

Decreased average ticket time by 75% while handling double the volume.

Trained Agents

In just 8 weeks, 300 agents were onboarded, trained, and ready to jump in.

Responding to Critical Needs

A leading automotive technology service, faced unprecedented challenges within its customer service operations. Seeking a solution, the client partnered with Working Solutions to address these issues and enhance its customer experience (CX). 

The primary issues faced with previous service providers included staffing shortages and difficulties in quality management. They also required support with the critical nature of handling emergency scenarios, such as accidents. 


Coverage, Pricing, and Deductible Changes

With ever-evolving coverage options, we ensure your policyholders stay updated.  

Our team manages changes in coverage, pricing, and deductibles, guaranteeing your customers are always well-informed.

Premium Increase Management

When premium increases raise concerns, our knowledgeable agents step in. We assist callers with enrollee changes, address updates, coverage adjustments, and billing alterations.

Our agents excel at implementing upselling and cross-selling strategies to retain customers even in the face of premium hikes.

On the Road to Success

Working Solutions tackled these challenges by providing specialized customer service support. The client had specific goals, with a strong emphasis on promptly handling Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and distress calls (SOS). The partnership addressed various call types, from subscription-related inquiries to assisting in emergencies. Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) was crucial in handling destination assist calls efficiently. 

The collaboration involved building an ideal agent profile for recruitment, focusing on familiarity with the brand, the right personality, experience fit, and localized bilingual dialects. Working Solutions successfully onboarded and trained 300 agents in eight weeks, showcasing its commitment to quick and effective program implementation. 

The Need: Operational Excellence

A key challenges was maintaining high staffing levels to meet the client's stringent requirements, especially for time-sensitive ACN and SOS calls. The need for 95% of ACN calls and 90% of SOS calls to be answered within 10 seconds demanded operational excellence. The conversation also highlighted ongoing efforts to improve operational efficiencies.

“We selected Working Solutions because of their unique approaches to agent staffing and scheduling, the high priority they place on agent training, and their commitment to high-quality customer interactions,”
Dan Fisher

Service Operations Director

Fueling Solutions 

Angie Kronlage, Project Manager for Working Solutions, shared insights into the team’s proactive approach. Despite achieving high scores, the team actively sought to enhance the quality monitoring process, introducing a tougher scoring system to drive continuous improvement. This aligned with their commitment to high-quality customer interactions.  


The successful collaboration between the leading automotive technology service and Working Solutions solved imminent challenges and also showcased innovative technologies, ultimately elevating the customer experience, all wins for any client/service provider partnership.