Airline Travel Case Study

Large-Scale Productivity and Pinpoint Accuracy Resolve Historic CX Backlog

How we enabled a major airline to manage a customer-service crisis over the busiest holiday weekend of the year.

support tickets

The Problem: 

Huge Backlog of Customer Support Tickets


A national airline needed immediate CX help. In late December 2022, a national airline experienced a system-wide operational failure due to complications from a crippling winter storm and a scheduling software breakdown.

The severe weather, combined with the system outage, stranded millions of holiday travelers across the country. In the aftermath, 200,000+ customer support tickets needed to be resolved fast.

As it happens, the client and Working Solutions are located within a few miles of each other. And as a good corporate neighbor, we stepped in to provide relief and support during this difficult time.

The Solution: 

On-demand, Outsourced CX

In nine days, we recruited and onboarded 900+ agents to assist the transportation client. Educational materials were streamlined as agents underwent an expedited, virtual-classroom program tailored to the client's needs to handle the customer backlog.

Their quick-turn performance exceeded the client's expectations for efficiency and engagement. The anticipated case completion rate was projected at 10 an hour. Working Solutions, however, increased it by 50% —delivering, on average, 15 closed cases every 60 minutes. And we did it with an accuracy rate of more than 95% to boot.

Within a compressed five-day window, agents closed 200,000+ open customer support cases. Given that success rate, the client then asked for help with escalated cases and duplicates.

As problems persisted, resources were ramped up and down, scaling as needed. More agents were added or reassigned to trouble spots. Continuing education for ongoing issues was implemented. The result: responsive resolutions for customers and the client.

About Working Solutions

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With 27 years of sales and service expertise across diverse industries, we are your proven partner to retain, grow, and generate new business. With best-practice expertise, Working Solutions delivers superior CX for travel and transportation clients in a crisis—and for every business day.

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The Impact: 

Setting New Standard for CX Service

Our increase in efficiency and accuracy enabled the national airline to plow through the large-scale backlog of customer support requests and drastically improve experiences. The success in completing 100,000s of cases in record time sets a new industry standard and speaks volumes about our commitment to
delivering quality CX.


By The Numbers


Agents Onboarded

Recruited, onboarded, and educated more than 900 agents in only
a few days.


Support Cases Closed

Working Solutions agents closed 250,000+ open customer support cases in record-breaking time.

95% +

Accuracy Rate

More than 95% of closed customer support tickets were solved accurately.

Stand-By CX

At Working Solutions, our clients could need our support at any moment for any situation. Whether it’s a short-term CX commitment or a long-term partnership, we are always standing by – so you can take flight whenever, wherever you need us.

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